For the Common Good

Eph 4:1-6; 1:22-23; 1Co 12:1, 4-7, 12-13, 26; Gal 3:26-28; 1Pe 4:10-11; Rom 12:4-8.

JOHN-152-240512 - length: 68:35 - taught on May, 12 2024

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
May 12, 2024

For the Common Good.

EPH 4:1-6

This one body is the church.

EPH 1:22-23

What does Paul mean by referring to the church as “one body”?

He starts with something that we are all familiar with - the human body.

Then he applies that truth to the church.

Paul gives his fullest treatment of this analogy of the body in 1 Corinthians 12.

1CO 12:1

Chapters 12-14 are about one subject: spiritual gifts.

1CO 12:4-7

Each of us receives a manifestation of the Spirit - better known as a spiritual gift.

Here the unity is expressed by the word “same”.

Paul uses the analogy of the body to support his teaching on spiritual gifts.


The human body is one organism.

Yet my human body has many members.

The body is not a bunch of unrelated parts.

Now Paul uses this analogy to explain the body of Christ - a spiritual body.

There one body of Christ.
There is only one.

Every believer since the ascension is a member of the one body of Christ.

We are all indwelt by the one Spirit.

We all share one inheritance.
We have one hope -

- the resurrection of our bodies to eternal life at the Lord’s appearing in glory.

We all have one Lord.

We all share one faith: the message of the gospel.

We share one baptism: the baptism by the Spirit into Christ.

We have the same Father.

GAL 3:26-28

1CO 12:13

The Holy Spirit baptizes each believer into Christ permanently.

“baptized into Christ” means to be placed into Christ and identified with Christ.