Paul, trophy of God's grace.

Rom 1:1-7; 1Ti 1:12-17; Act 19:11-17; 2Ti 4:6-8; Rom 1:8; Luk 24:44-48; Isa 49:5-6

ROMANS-17-091016 - length: 58:03 - taught on Oct, 16 2009

Class Outline:

John Farley
October 16, 2009

So God was at work in the first century AD making sure everything got in place so this book of Romans would be written.

The book was written by Paul in AD 56 or 57 or so.

Paul was culturally a Greek
A citizen of Rome
Of the race and religion of the Jews.
He received the spiritual gift of Apostle.
He was set apart for the preaching of the Gospel.
He received the teachings of the Gospel by direct revelation from the Lord Jesus Christ.

PauloV douloV Cristou Ihsou

Paul the slave, the slave of Christ Jesus

Do you realize what God had to do to get this man to write these words?

Paul the least of the apostles, not fit to be called an apostle, 1CO 15:9.
He persecuted the church of God - he did.

Paul the very least of all saints, EPH 3:8.

Paul, the foremost of sinners, 1TI 1:15.

Paul was a walking miracle, and as such he was a living, breathing proof par excellence that the argument he wrote in the book of Romans was the unadulterated, unassailable truth.

Christ chose his greatest enemy to be His greatest apostle!

Paul is the most compelling trophy of grace the world ever saw. His was the supreme test case for the genuineness of the doctrine of justification.

He more than any other sinner proved that God was a God of righteousness, justice, love, and grace.

I find it highly significant that the Bible goes out of its way to tell us that the demons knew all about Paul.

Paul was a little Satan in his pre-salvation existence, a hater of the Lord Jesus Christ and a persecutor of His church.

Christ chose the foremost Jewish snob to bring the good news to the hated pathetic Gentiles!

Paul is the supreme embodiment of the fact that God justifies the ungodly.