Winter Gathering 4 Friday Evening session 2

Friday Evening: Eph 4:4 - one body

CONF-4-110218 - length: 44:19 - taught on Feb, 18 2011

Class Outline:

Winter Gathering
February 18-20, 2011
Honored guest: Pastor Robert McLaughlin
Lighthouse Bible Church
Pastor John Farley

Friday Evening:  EPH 4:4 - one body

Ultimately, in my life,  I need _________.

1. to be a part of something bigger than myself.
2.  for my life to have meant something to someone when I die.
3.  to have a future that is better than today.
4.  to be an invaluable member of a team.
5.  to fall in love.
6.  to find my place in this world and fit in.
7.  to be comfortable in my skin - to be at peace with who I am.
8.  to get rid of all this guilt and shame I still have - a fresh start.
9.  to be taken care of.
10.  to be accepted and loved unconditionally
11.  to know and fulfill my destiny, the reason I was born.
12. to be able to respect myself.
13.  to step outside of all the restraints  - the handicaps, faults, financial limitations, social inhibitions.
14.  to find my soul mate.
15.  to be forgiven for my past mistakes.
16.  To be a hero.
17.  To be immortal.

We want to be made good - total  peace/well being. We want to be a hero. We want to merge with others in an intimate relationship. We want to outlast death.

As a Church Age believer, if you ever think you don’t matter, read Ephesians.

The unity of the Church is the means by which the many-faceted wisdom of God is being displayed to the universe. [O’Brien, page 285]; EPH 3:10.

God has designed the Church to be the masterpiece of His goodness, His grace, and the pattern on which the reconciled universe of the future will be reconciled;  EPH 2:7.

The unity and reconciliation won by Christ’s death are part and parcel of God’s intention to bring all things together into unity in Christ; EPH 1:9-10.

The church is the place where God is at work on His project  RIGHT NOW - in this dispensation - doing what verse 10 says -  the project of summing up all things in Christ.

If God is not at work in the church doing this right now….then where exactly IS He at work doing it?

The church is the place where God is at work on his great reconciling project of EPH 1:10.

And the congregation is where the unity of the body becomes  visible.

You are a member of the congregation, and have a unique spiritual gift that is God’s secret weapon for maintaining the unity in the  congregation.

1 Cor 12:7 But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.