Spiritual Gifts part 93. You are a new spiritual species in Christ

Heb 10:10-14; Heb 1:3-6, 13-14; 2:9-11; 1Jo 5:11-12; 2Co 5:17; Gal 6:15

ROMANS-211-110309 - length: 60:01 - taught on Mar, 9 2011

Class Outline:

John Farley
Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spiritual Gifts Part 93: You are a new spiritual species in Christ.

The Doctrine of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

C.  The Baptism of the Spirit is the ministry of God the Holy Spirit in placing every new believer into permanent union with the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Body the Church.
Point 4. Definition and description of the Baptism of the Spirit.
1.The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a real baptism, an actual identification, in which God the Holy Spirit, at the moment we believe in Christ, places or enters the new believer in union with Christ.

2. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is the means of forming the royal family of God during the Church Age.

3. The result of the baptism of the Spirit, union with Christ, is also called “positional truth” or “positional sanctification”.  

The New Testament refers to positional truth in many places with the expression “in Christ” or “en Christoo” in the Greek. Also “in Christ Jesus”,  “in Him”.

Almost everywhere this phrase is found, it is a technical reference to the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the resultant positional truth.

1CO 15:22 For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.

Sanctification means to be set apart or consecrated to God.  It means belonging to God in an intimate way.

ROM 8:29   For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the first-born among many brethren;

a. positional sanctification b. experiential sanctification c. ultimate sanctification

The term “sanctification” means to be set apart to God for a special purpose.

The most popular word used in the Bible concerning sanctification is the word hagios meaning holy or saint.

Because of positional sanctification, all believers are holy and are saints, 1CO 1:2!

This word means that you have been set apart by God for a special purpose.

A saint is someone who has been consecrated for God forever, and all Church-age believers are called saints.
hagios is translated holy and saint, and is merely the Bible title for royalty!

Unfortunately, it is translated into the English by an obscure word which has an erroneous connotation:  "Saint."

Phase one, positional sanctification, refers to eternal salvation, at which point the baptism of the Spirit enters every believer into union with the person of Jesus Christ.

Positional sanctification is a reference to the Church-age believer's union with Christ which is accomplished at the moment of salvation through the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

And "in Christ" each Church-age believer is positionally superior to all angels, including Satan as well as all the elect and fallen angels!

This part of mystery doctrine pointing to the elevation of the Church over both the elect and fallen angels announced the total defeat of Satan…

… which is why Christ's unexpected announcement of the Church just prior to the cross had such a powerful impact on angels!Spiritual Gifts part 93.  You are a new spiritual species in Christ