Spiritual Gifts part 137: All three members of the Trinity are behind spiritual gifts

1Co 12:1-7; Heb 2:2-4; Eph 4:1-12. 1Co 6:19-20; Joh 7:37-39.

ROMANS-255-110629 - length: 60:28 - taught on Jun, 29 2011

Class Outline:

John Farley
June 29, 2011

Spiritual Gifts Part 137:   All three members of the Trinity are involved in the giving of spiritual gifts.

  At the moment of salvation, God the Holy Spirit, in one of His seven ministries to the new believer at salvation, bestowed on you a spiritual gift.

The Doctrine of Spiritual Gifts

Point 3:  What is a “Spiritual Gift”?

1. All three members of the Trinity are involved in the spiritual gifts, from start to finish.

a. Divine in origin. b. Miraculous in manifestation. c. Supernatural in operation.

2.  If there is one thing the Holy Spirit is telling us about spiritual gifts, it is that they are marked by VARIETY!!!

 No believer is a clone of another when it comes to spiritual gifts.

Variety is what makes unity so vibrant, and unity is what makes variety beautiful.

NO TWO LISTS of spiritual gifts in the New Testament are the same!

Sometimes they talk about the people who have the gift (apostles, pastors), and sometimes they talk about the gifts themselves (mercy, helps).

Varieties of gifts. Varieties of ministries. Varieties of effects.

ROM 12:6 Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly: if prophecy, according to the proportion of his faith;

Paul wrote 1 Corinthians in response to reports he had received about questions and problems that the Corinthian believers were having.

They used the Greek word that is translated “spiritual gifts” in verse 1, or more simply “the spirituals”.

When Paul responds, he starts using another word, it is the Greek word charisma, a word that is derived from charis meaning “grace”.  

He does this because he also wants to emphasize the grace aspect of spiritual gifts.

“spiritual”   τῶν πνευματικῶν  ton pneumatikon from the source of the Spirit
According to Vine, the word always connotes the ideas of invisibility and power.

Things characterized by or controlled by the Spirit.

3.  Spiritual gifts come to us from the Holy Spirit, and are supernatural in character.

All three members of the Trinity are involved in the giving of spiritual gifts.

a. God the Father as the source is documented in HEB 2:4.

pres-act-part of the verb   sunepimartureo = to attest together with, to join in bearing witness, to unite in adding testimony.