God uses undeserved suffering to keep our eyes on Him.

Rom 1:1; Gen 17:1-11; Mat 5:13-14; Rom 8:28; 2Co 12:9-10; Psa 119:67-72.

ROMANS-28-091111 - length: 62:52 - taught on Nov, 11 2009

Class Outline:

John Farley
November 11, 2009

God uses undeserved suffering to keep our eyes on Him.

Paul’s new name was a sign of his personal sense of destiny.

Abram had his name changed to Abraham. When?

Abram has reached the point in his spiritual life where he is now ready for divine blessing.

God’s timing for blessing is perfect, as it is compatible with our spiritual status.

There came a point in the life of Abraham when his personal sense of destiny had been attained in the same way we can attain it: through the use of the revealed word of God.

The Lord changed Abram’s name to Abraham not at the moment of salvation adjustment to the justice of God, but at the moment of maturity adjustment to the justice of God.

Abram had achieved a measure of spiritual growth and was now ready to venture out and live in his personal sense of destiny.

There are seven categories of blessing in the package:
Spiritual, Temporal, Association, Historical, Undeserved Suffering, Dying, and Surpassing .

1. Spiritual blessings.

These include sharing the happiness of God and occupation with Christ as maximum category one love (toward God).

He also receives the tremendous ability to face undeserved suffering in life with no complaining.

The mature believer also has the ability to correctly interpret contemporary history, to evaluate current events in light of the Word of God.

He has grace orientation, freedom orientation, authority orientation, common sense, and a total sense of security whether in prosperity or disaster.

2. Temporal blessings.

These include material wealth, either received or acquired, as well as physical health.

The mature believer can have professional prosperity, including a great influence on others, leadership dynamics, success, promotion, and recognition in one’s sphere of life.

The mature believer can also have great social prosperity and great friends, as well as sexual prosperity with one’s right man or right woman.

There is also mental prosperity, meaning that the ability to think and concentrate increases.

God will also grant cultural prosperity, which is maximum enjoyment of drama, art, literature, music, history and so forth.

Establishment prosperity includes enjoyment of freedom, privacy, and protection of life and property from criminals and reprisal.

3. Blessings by association.

Those around a mature believer are blessed by their association or relationship with that person.

These peripheral areas of blessing by association include loved ones, business life, social life, and the local church.

4. Historical blessings.

The supergrace believer is on the winning side of history, whereas the reversionist is caught up in the disasters of history and swept along with them.

5. Undeserved suffering.

God gives us the ability to handle suffering, and turns suffering into blessing.

DEU 23:5 “Nevertheless, the Lord your God was not willing to listen to Balaam, but the Lord your God turned the curse into a blessing for you because the Lord your God loves you.”

Discipline is unbearable, while underserved suffering is bearable.

Undeserved suffering is also used by God to keep our eyes on Him and our focus on eternity.