Spiritual Gifts part 147: Similar but different: spiritual gifts versus other blessings.

1Co 12:1-11; Rom 12:4-8; Gal 5:16-19,22-23.

ROMANS-265-110724 - length: 78:08 - taught on Jul, 24 2011

Class Outline:

Pastor-Teacher John Farley
July 24, 2011

Spiritual Gifts Part 147:   Similar but different: contrasting spiritual gifts and other divine blessings.

The Doctrine of Spiritual Gifts

Point 3:  What is a “Spiritual Gift”?

a. A spiritual gift is a unique ability sovereignly given to each believer by God the Holy Spirit at the moment of salvation.

b. These gifts are for the purpose of serving the Lord and edifying the body of Christ, not bringing glory to self.

A spiritual gift is a supernatural ability graciously given by God the Holy Spirit to each believer ( without regard to merit) at the moment of salvation …

…so that the Holy Spirit might manifest Himself in effective service for the benefit of the Royal Family, ending up with God the Father  being glorified through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your spiritual gift becomes operational through normal spiritual growth.

a.  Spiritual growth.  Some believers use their equal privilege and equal opportunity and achieve phenomenal growth.

b.  Spiritual gifts.  The distinction among believers in spiritual gifts has its source in the sovereign wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

1.  The filling of the Holy Spirit is the absolute concept of experiential Christianity.

2.  The degree of spiritual growth is the relative concept of experiential Christianity.

As you have momentum from doctrine, your spiritual gift will function, even without your awareness.

Similar but different:  things sometimes confused with spiritual gifts

Offices in the church

pastor or elder in a church versus spiritual gift of pastor-teacher

Office of deacon versus spiritual gift of helps or administration

The Biblical offices of the local churches include the Lord Jesus Christ as the head, the elders or pastors, the deacons, and the priests.

Natural talents

A natural talent is not the same thing as a spiritual gift.

Natural talents such as musical ability and mechanical skill are gifts from God, but they are not spiritual gifts.

Believers can find ways of exercising their spiritual gift through a natural talent they have.

Most if not all of the permanent spiritual gifts are heightened abilities for actions that all Christians are called to do.

Spiritual gifts are always related to regeneration and the new birth.

It is the same God who gives us both our natural talents and our spiritual gift.