Spiritual Gifts part 235: True friends give each other time.

Rom 4:16-19; Heb 6:11-15; Gen 12:1-5;17:1; Isa 40:31; Isa 30:18; Hos 6:1-3.

ROMANS-353-120301 - length: 60:37 - taught on Mar, 1 2012

Class Outline:

John Farley
March 1, 2012

Spiritual Gifts Part 235: True friends give each other time to work things out.

The LORD Most High - GEN 14:18
The All-Sufficient God - GEN 17:1
The LORD the God of Eternity - GEN 21:33
The LORD will Provide - GEN 22:14
The LORD, the God of Heaven and Earth - GEN 24:3

As you continue in the lifestyle of faith, God starts to reveal Himself to you - and His Son IN you!- in more intimate ways.

Abraham teaches us to respect the vital element of TIME in maturing us in the spiritual life.