Spiritual Gifts part 272: The 7 churches and the Angelic Conflict.

2Jo 1:7-8; Rev 3:11; Rev 2:4; Col 2:18-19; Rev 2:24-25; Eph 1:19-20.

ROMANS-390-120603 - length: 79:14 - taught on Jun, 3 2012

Class Outline:

John Farley
June 3, 2012

Spiritual Gifts Part 272: Seeing the 7 churches in light of the Angelic Conflict.

3. Reward:
to each according to his deeds; crowns.
MAT 5:11-12; MAT 10:40-42; LUK 6:35-36; 1CO 3:8-15; COL 3:23-24; JAM 1:12; 2JO 1:8; REV 2:10; REV 22:10-14

At the Bema Seat judgment, the overcoming believers will be promoted.

In context , John is referring to continuing to walk in the truth, not being sidetracked or deceived by false teachers.

2 John is a very short letter and it is characterized by three words: truth, commandments, and teaching.

This is talking about false teachers. The New Testament identifies false teachers as a major obstacle to the mission of the church.

The Gospel

The Person and Work of our Lord Jesus Christ

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

pleres :
a totality which has been brought to completion - 'whole, complete, full.' abounding in.
lacking nothing, perfect

With the Philadelphia church, “what you have” is the truth in your souls, the word of God.
“you have kept My word”

The Book of Revelation is the textbook of world history from the time of John A.D. 96 to the end of time.

The Church, on earth and in heaven Rev 1-5
The Tribulation period Rev 6-18
The Second Advent & Millennial Reign Rev 19-20
The Eternal State Rev 21-22


In Rev 2 and 3, we have letters written for the dispensation of the Church-age. The Church-age is located between the two greatest prophecies in history, the first and second Advents of Christ.

From Pentecost until the resurrection of the church we have the dispensation of the church, which is the dispensation of historical trends.

Then comes the rapture of the church, the next eschatological event to be fulfilled.

In Revelation 4 and 5 we see the church in heaven.

In Revelation chapter 6 through 18 we have three views of the Tribulation.

Revelation chapter 19 deals with the Second-Advent of Christ.

Then in Revelation chapter 20 we have the millennium.