Spiritual Gifts part 282: They will cast their crowns before the throne.

2Pe 1:1-11; 2Ti 2:3-13; 2Co 5:10; Rev 4:9-11; 1Jo 3:1-3; 1Co 6:1-6.

ROMANS-400-120628 - length: 62:36 - taught on Jun, 28 2012

Class Outline:

John Farley
June 28, 2012



Spiritual Gifts Part 282: The elders will cast their crowns before the Lord’s throne

These differences are spoken of in the Bible in terms of rank, rulership, reward, recognition, privilege, and intimacy.

2TI 2:12
If we endure, we will also reign with Him;

This is an ABBA pattern called chiasmus. It is very common in the Bible.

A = salvation
B = rewards