Spiritual Gifts part 355. Natural Talents vs. Spiritual Gifts.

1Pe 5:1-5; 1Co 2:1-5; Gal 1:15-16; Gal 5:22-23.

ROMANS-473-130110 - length: 60:50 - taught on Jan, 10 2013

Class Outline:

John Farley
January 10, 2013


Spiritual Gifts Part 355:
Talents vs. spiritual gifts

The Doctrine of Spiritual Gifts

Point 3.
What is a “Spiritual Gift”?

Similar but different: things sometimes confused with spiritual gifts

Offices in the church

pastor or elder in a church
spiritual gift of Pastor-Teacher

Office of deacon
spiritual gift of helps or administration

1.  Pastor-Teachers are men with communication gifts given by Christ to equip, build up and edify the Royal Family.
EPH 4:11-16

2.  The offices in the local assembly are priest (all members), deacon, and elder (overseer, pastor). 

3.  Elders must be able to teach and to rule.  So, ideally, elders should have the spiritual gift of Pastor-Teacher.

4.  The number of elders in a congregation is subject to the sovereignty of the Holy Spirit and the discernment of the existing leadership.

5.  The authority that is emphasized for the church is Christ, the Head of the Body.  Authority is also delegated to the elders (pastors) to rule or govern the local assembly.

The office of deacon is not a spiritual gift. There are several spiritual gifts that are well suited for the man who holds the office of deacon.

Natural talents

A natural talent is not the same thing as a spiritual gift.

Natural talents such as musical ability and mechanical skill are gifts from God, but they are not spiritual gifts.

Believers can find ways of exercising their spiritual gift through a natural talent they have.

Most if not all of the permanent spiritual gifts are heightened abilities for actions that all Christians are called to do.

Spiritual gifts are always related to regeneration and the new birth.

It is the same God who gives us both our natural talents and our spiritual gift.

The fruit of the Spirit

Spiritual gifts Fruit of the Spirit
Ability Character
Visible Invisible
Temporary Eternal
One gift All fruit
At salvation After salvation