Spiritual Gifts part 367: Many False Prophets have gone out.

1Co 14:3-4; 1Co 13:8-10; Mat 7:15-16, 24:11,24; 2Pe 2:1; 1Jo 4:1.

ROMANS-485-130207 - length: 65:20 - taught on Feb, 7 2013

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John Farley
February 7, 2013

Spiritual Gifts Part 367:
Many false prophets have gone out

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The Doctrine of Spiritual Gifts

Point 7.

Temporary spiritual gifts

Foundational gifts

The temporary spiritual gifts of apostle and prophet were foundational; EPH 2:20.

a. The gift of apostle.

b. the gift of prophecy which was not a national leader like that of the Old Testament prophets.

This gift was second in order of merit:

1CO 12:28 And God has appointed in the church, first apostles, second prophets,

The purpose of the spiritual gift of prophet was to provide an authoritative source of revelation until the canon of Scripture was completed.

The temporary spiritual gift of prophecy provided doctrine, guidance, and edification to the early church until the New Testament scriptures were complete.

The gift of prophecy included receiving a message directly from God through special revelation, being guided in declaring it to the people, and having it authenticated in some way by God Himself.

The gift of prophecy included a message of divine guidance or a warning of judgment, or a prediction about the immediate future.

In Acts 11, Agabus the prophet predicted the famine and depression to come.

In ACT 21:10-11, he warned Paul not to go back to Jerusalem.

Prophets had a limited teaching ministry related to contemporary events; that's why they are called "prophets and teachers" in ACT 13:1.

Prophets were also prominent in the Corinthian church
(1 Cor 14).

The New Testament also points out the fact that there will a lot of FALSE prophets on the scene during the church age.

Because of the tremendous amount of eschatology in the New Testament epistles, it is quite obvious that the writers who were apostles also had the gift of prophecy.

propheteia, translated prophecy, describes the function of the prophet.

The word means forth-telling.

The noun “prophets” refers to one who has insight into divine things and speaks them forth.

1. They would minister to the Jews who required signs,
1CO 1:22 For indeed Jews ask for signs,

2. They would fill in the gap from approximately 30 AD to 96 AD, i.e. for nearly 70 years when the canon of scripture was not completed.

We are now in the period of the superstructure and not of the foundation.