The Activity of the Spirit in the Lives of Church Age Believers, Part 17

Joh 1:29-34; 2Co 3:17; Joh 4:24; Rom 6; Eph 4:20-24

HSCH-19-130512 - length: 78:50 - taught on May, 12 2013

Class Outline:

John Farley
May 12, 2013

The Activity of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Church Age believers, part 17.


Kingsley Emenike

We are being transformed into the image and likeness of Christ as we behold the glory of the Lord in the mirror of the word of God, 2CO 3:17-18.

The Spirit takes of Christ’s and discloses it to us.

In order for someone to worship God in spirit and truth, there must be the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the liberty to go beyond ritual and the letter to get at the truth, the ultimate meaning of things.

to rescue His children from SIN…

…so that we can get on with becoming His adult sons and daughters.

Now God wants to rescue us from sin in our every day lives.

His method is substitution - substituting the New Man, Jesus Christ, for the old man, and substituting the new life in the Spirit for the old life of sin and death.

The Holy Spirit wars against the flesh on the victorious ground of the death and resurrection and session of the Lord Jesus Christ, and His work is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our active concentration should not be on ourselves and our sin.
It should be on Christ and His accomplishments.

The whole purpose and goal behind that work is to GET RID OF IT.
To have it stop.
To free the child of God from sin.

Romans 6 is a mixture of commands and statements, but mostly it consists of statements of facts about us in relation to the cross and resurrection & session of Jesus Christ.