Mister 'yeah but...' Part 3

Heb 3:17-4:3; Heb 11:5-6; 2Co 1:15-22; Phi 4:4-9; Mat 20:1-16; Gal 2:4; 3:2-3,24-26; 5:1

HSCH-70-131009 - length: 60:41 - taught on Oct, 9 2013

Class Outline:

John Farley
October 9, 2013

Mister “Yeah but…”: Part 3

pastor @ lbible.org

Unbelief is your enemy!
Faith is your friend!

We have such a great High Priest in Jesus at the Right Hand of God on high.

Faith sees more in a promise of God to help than in all other things to hinder; …

… but unbelief, notwithstanding God’s promise, says “How can these things be?”

Belief is saying “Yes! And “Amen!” to the word of God, the promises of God, the glories of Christ, the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Unbelief is Mister “yeah but…” .

Yeah... I know all this bible stuff is real, but -- so is this problem, which has such extenuating circumstances that it's going to require some human power...

Yeah... I know I'm supposed to seek Him and His righteousness first... But, it's no big deal if I open my eyes every day and do the opposite...

A tactic of our flesh to keep control of our soul...

A tactic of the world to keep a foothold in our soul...

And even worse, a tactic of satan and his forces to keep you and I from having that childlike faith that says...

Yeah but nothin... The Bible says it, I believe it, and I'm going to Obey and do it GODS WAY - NOT MY WAY.

yeah but nuthin

Mister “Yeah but” was crucified with Christ.

Mister “Yeah but” has lost his power over us.

Someday we will live in a universe where there are no “yeah buts”…

Just the final YES of Christ. An eternal AMEN!
2CO 1:19-20

MAT 19:27
Then Peter said to Him, “Behold, we have left everything and followed You; what then will there be for us.”

We forget that we are nothing without the grace of God. That anything good we have we have received from the Lord.

We start to walk by sight and not by faith.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we more and more judge our relationship with the Lord according to the things that eye can see and ear can hear.

The things of Christ that used to be much more than enough, for us they have become old hat.

You see, most of us, when we first believed in Christ, we had the heart of an eleventh hour laborer.

Somehow, bearing the burdens and enduring the scorching heat got to us, and we became ungrateful laborers in God’s vineyard.

The Prodigal Son had to lose everything before his heart learned how precious it really is just to have a seat at the Father’s table!

Gun-to-your-head Christianity is the horrible life of thinking you have a gun to your head…

a gun to your head… to perform and do the right thing in every situation in life.

Gun-to-your-head Christianity is a subtle way that we end up being under the law again, GAL 2:4; GAL 3:2-3; GAL 3:24-26; GAL 5:1.

Mr. “You haveta” turns grateful prodigal sons into bitter older brothers.

But Mr. “You haveta” robs you off all the joy you get when you do these things FREELY.

Christ living His life through you by means of the Holy Spirit.