How did we ever end up in Christ? Part 2

1Jo 5:9-12; 2Co 5:17,21; Eph 1:6; Rom 8:1; 3:23-24; 7:21-23; 6:6-7; 5:19; Eph 2:1-4, 12

HSCH-77-131027 - length: 79:18 - taught on Oct, 27 2013

Class Outline:

John Farley
October 27, 2013

How did we ever end up in Christ? Part 2.

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The wonders of being in Christ!

Facts Bout Us Being In Christ!

All facts about you because you are in union with the King of Kings, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The church age is the age when all who believe in Christ are placed in Christ.

Christ took His place seated at God’s Right Hand after He had accomplished the work of our salvation at the cross.

This work gave Christ the title in righteousness to secure for every believer a place in Christ’s place.

In Christ, we find our new life, the same perfect indestructible life that Christ possesses.

This is life which cannot be touched by any question of sin, death, the judgment of God, or the power of satan.

Christ’s work on the cross also provided the ground in Christ for the righteousness in which we as believers are now found.

1. Objective: God’s revelation to us concerning all the perfection of being in Christ glorified.

2. Subjective: We take hold of and enjoy the wondrous blessings that we have in Christ.

This is saying that before condemnation can ever touch us it has to first reach Christ where He is in glory. This is impossible!

The first part of Romans deals with the sins of mankind, and, following that, God’s remedy.

1. Our fallen state - in Adam - : what it is, and how it came to be.

2. How God delivered us out of this state, according to His glory and grace, through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. How He placed us in a completely new position and state…IN CHRIST!!!... and provided us with the Holy Spirit.