How did we ever end up in Christ? Part 6.

Eze 28:15-16; Gen 3:1-7; Rom 1:18-32; Gen 3:8-15, 22-24; Gen 2:9.

HSCH-81-131106 - length: 60:18 - taught on Nov, 6 2013

Class Outline:

John Farley
November 6, 2013

How did we ever end up in Christ? Part 6.


Informal Bible Study
Romans 12
What does this say?
What does this mean?
How are we to live according to what this means?

The wonders of being in Christ!

How is it that we came to find ourselves IN CHRIST?

1. Our fallen state - in Adam - : what it is, and how it came to be.

2. How God delivered us out of this state, according to His glory and grace, through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. How He placed us in a completely new position and state…IN CHRIST!!!... and provided us with the Holy Spirit.

our personal sins,
sin in the flesh,
and our old man.

Only our rebellious old man would call obeying our Father “legalism”.

The root of all sin is deeper even than the lusts of the flesh. The root is in mankind having a will that is independent of God.

The essence of the old man is distrust of God and unbelief regarding God and His word.

Adam’s state before his fall was the state of innocence in his relationship to and responsibility before God.

Before his fall, Adam had no knowledge of good and evil.

The only thing that could be tested was that trust in God.

As long as Adam had pure confidence in God, obedience would continue to be easy . Nothing else would even be imaginable.

Satan sinned without being tempted from the outside.

Man sinned because he was tempted by satan into the knowledge of good and evil.

It was a horrible thing to question God’s goodness while in the midst of such fantastic blessing from Him.

The heart moved from belief to unbelief.
And it was all over.