How did we ever end up in Christ? Part 7

Gen 3:1-7; Rom 1:18-32; Gen 3:8-15, 22-24; Gen 2:9; Luk 14:34-35.

HSCH-82-131110 - length: 78:33 - taught on Nov, 10 2013

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John Farley
November 10, 2013

How did we ever end up in Christ? Part 7.

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The wonders of being in Christ!

How is it that we came to find ourselves IN CHRIST?

It is a story that begins in innocence, falls into sin, is rescued by the blood of Christ onto righteousness -

-by grace through faith, and ends up in abundant eternal life in Christ.

our personal sins,
sin in the flesh,
and our old man.

Adam’s state before his fall was the state of innocence in his relationship to and responsibility before God.

The only thing that could be tested was that trust in God.

It was a horrible thing to question God’s goodness while in the midst of such fantastic blessing from Him.

The heart moved from belief to unbelief.
And it was all over.

Man had departed from God, and sin had come in, and by the fall, conscience, or the knowledge of good and evil.

Knowing righteousness and holiness requires the knowledge of good and evil.

To hide yourself from God is to see yourself as evil, wrong, bad in some way.

Man was separated from God, spiritually dead, dominated by sin in the members of his body, with no hope.

But God made a promise, and in it was the seed of an amazing plan to redeem man out of this state and accomplish God’s eternal desires for man.

He would provide the perfect remedy for our state of sin, one that would meet God’s righteous requirements concerning our guilt before Him.

He would put an end, with respect to our standing before Him, to our entire life in Adam.

He would lay the new foundation, for His own glory, for our being with Himself in His glory, in an entirely new state.