God's purpose trumps our situation.

Rom 3:19-20; 2Ti 1:8-10; Rom 8:3-9; Gal 5:13-6:10; Tit 2:11-3:11; Phi 2:5-11.

HSCH-86-131124 - length: 56:44 - taught on Nov, 24 2013

Class Outline:

John Farley
November 24, 2013

God’s purpose trumps our situation

pastor @ lbible.org

It is a story that begins in innocence, falls into sin, is rescued by the blood of Christ onto righteousness -

-by grace through faith, and ends up in abundant eternal life in Christ.

We need righteousness, and we cannot produce it of ourselves, because of the weakness of our flesh.

Here was the absolute goodness and love of God manifest in the flesh.

God is love yet Christ was hated.

God who alone can create something out of nothing would bring about an entirely new creation.

Before man ever became accountable to God, there was a plan of glorifying God by the church in and with Jesus our Lord, EPH 3:11.

God’s purpose trumps our situation.

God’s purpose trumps our condition.

God’s purpose trumps your entire history in Adam.

By doing good to all people, especially those who are of the household of faith.