More on becoming a 'Good News' person.

Rom 1:1-17; Php 4:4-9; Rom 3:21-26; Rom 5:1-11; Rev 19:7-8; Col 1:1-12.

WTROM-5-140129 - length: 48:42 - taught on Jan, 29 2014

Class Outline:

John Farley
January 29, 2014

More on becoming a “good news” person.

The word “gospel”
 means announcing good news.

Something that somebody didn’t know or realize before.

Good news is an announcement about something new that gives people hope for a brighter future.

The news is about His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

We keep on needing to hear this good news!

So do the people around us.

Good news that wipes out all the bad news.

And He has given us the Holy Spirit to enable the good news to flow into us and out of us.

Is your life starting to come across more and more as “good news” to people around you?

Are you giving the people that come into your life hope for a brighter future?

The hope is that we open up our hearts to realize what is actually possible for us as God’s beloved children.

How do we become good news people?

By listening with a believing heart to what God is saying to you in the book of Romans.

God is saying to you in Romans: “I already decided to love you forever”.

God is speaking to you today and He is saying “GRACE TO YOU!”

God is speaking to you today and He is saying “PEACE IS YOURS!”

With all this good news - why are you and I still such miserable people too much of the time?

The place to get really AGGRESSIVE in our Christian walk is in our FAITH!

You have not taken your belief in the good news where you need to take it -

- to the place where it totally revolutionizes your approach to your daily life!

Fight to get the HOPE of what is here for you in Romans down deep into your soul.

Do not stop until you see the power of what is here in Romans put to work in YOUR life.