The gospel bears fruit in every good work.

Rom 1:15-17; Rom 3:21-26; Rom 5:1-11; Rev 19:7-8; Col 1:1-12; Isa 9:1-7

WTROM-6-140202 - length: 64:26 - taught on Feb, 2 2014

Class Outline:

John Farley
February 2, 2014

The gospel bears fruit in every good work.

With all this good news - why are you and I still such miserable people too much of the time?

The place to get really AGGRESSIVE in our Christian walk is in our FAITH!

You have not taken your belief in the good news where you need to take it -

- to the place where it totally revolutionizes your approach to your daily life!

Do not stop until you see the power of what is here in Romans put to work in YOUR life.

So that the Holy Spirit brings you to a place of HOPE in YOUR SOUL about all kinds of things that you run into in your life.

Changes you into a a good news person - because the the facts in the book of Romans have gone to bat for you over and over again.

So that you come to know in your heart that God’s word in Romans is EFFECTIVE for WHATEVER comes.

The facts of Romans can turn you into a HOPEFUL person.

You have the reasons for all kinds of hope inside, and you start giving those reasons out so others can start hoping more too.

ROM 1:7…I am going to keep coming back to you, asking…..

… asking for MY grace, asking for that peace that surpasses understanding to come into MY heart.

Romans 3 I am coming your way
‘cause I’m having a problem with guilt today

Father, I need to have my Lord Jesus bring His Redemption to bear on the turmoil in my soul this day.

I will not be denied until the Spirit uses Romans to change my life into scenes where tribulation has been answered by hope.

I will not stop wrestling with faith in my heart until You bless me in THIS WAY Lord!

I simply kept at the faith thing long enough for You to work it out in my heart.

I do not have faith in my faith.

My faith rests in the Lord!