King Arthur's Dilemma

Rom 3:19-26; Gal 3:13-14; Col 1:13-14; 1Pe 1:17-19; Job 9:1-2; Isa 41:11-14; Heb 10:12-14; Php 2:5-11; 3:8-11.

WTROM-14-140302 - length: 53:09 - taught on Mar, 2 2014

Class Outline:

John Farley
March 2, 2014

King Arthur’s Dilemma

Indictment: A written accusation charging that an individual named therein has committed an act or omitted to do something that is punishable by law.

Finally, Paul issues his general indictment of the whole world, Jew and Gentile. That’s Romans 3:9-20.

His list of charges cover both unrighteousness and ungodliness. The case is complete, and airtight.

1. Open (ROM 1:1-17)
2. Sin (Roms 1:18-3:20)
3. Righteousness (Roms 3:21 - 4:25)
4. Grace (Roms 5:1-8:39)

5. Glory (Roms 9:1 - 11:36)
6. Love (Roms 12:1 - 15:13)
7. Close (Roms 15:14- 16:27)

3. “The Righteousness of God through Faith in Jesus Christ.” (Romans 3:21-4:25)

The ONLY answer to human unrighteousness and ungodliness is the blood of Christ.

The only answer to our unrighteousness is the redemption which is in Christ Jesus.

The only answer to our ungodliness is Christ Jesus whom God displayed publicly as a propitiation in His blood through faith.

To redeem is to BUY BACK, to purchase.
To ransom someone out of the pit by paying the price.

We were redeemed from the curse of the Law. GAL 3:13.

We were redeemed from our lawless deeds. Our sins were forgiven, COL 1:14.

We were redeemed from the curse by the blood of Christ. His blood was the purchase price for our sin and guilt.

Romans 3:21-26 is the heart of the gospel.

That kind of thinking just shows how completely we underestimate His love.

“How can I do this and remain RIGHTEOUS?”

Redeemer….and HOLY ONE!

Isaiah is the great prophet of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Because God is righteous, and God is love (such that He chooses to redeem the ungodly and unrighteous)….

These two will collide at the cross, in the body of His Son, and be reconciled in His blood.

King Arthur’s Dilemma

King Arthur saw that the only way to unite England was to establish a new ideal.

“Not might makes right, but might FOR right”. The rule of law.

Lancelot, his closest friend, and Guinevere, his wife and queen, broke the law.

Would the king let her die?

Mordred: [to Arthur about Guinevere]
What a magnificent dilemma!

Let her die, your life is over;
Let her live, your life’s a fraud.

Which will it be, Arthur?
Do you kill the Queen…
Or kill the law??

Is ANYTHING too difficult for the Lord?

The word of the cross shouts to all who will listen: Nothing shall be impossible to Him!!!

What can we take with us from this magnificent demonstration of the righteousness of God at the cross?

We will never be called to suffer and die for the sins of others…

But we may be called to suffer and die to our rights in a matter…for the good of others.