Life cereal and Life Everlasting.

Rom 5:1-21; 1Pe 1:3-5; Col 1:13-14; Eph 2:1-10.

WTROM-32-140507 - length: 46:30 - taught on May, 7 2014

Class Outline:

John Farley
May 7, 2014

Life cereal and Life Everlasting

Romans 5 is God’s masterpiece, presenting an iron clad case assuring us that we are saved forever.

21 so that, as sin reigned in death, even so grace would reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

He covers our past, our present, and our future. Verses 1-2

He goes after the biggest remaining threat to our assurance - affliction in the soul -

- and demonstrates how instead it gives us more proof that our salvation is genuine. Verses 3-5

Then He uses the strongest possible logical proof (by the name of A fortiori). Verses 6-11

And he examines the implications of our unassailable position in Christ. Verses 12-21

Verses 1-11 present a full expression of God’s love for us who have been justified by faith in Christ.

Verses 12-21 present the two representative Men, Adam and Christ. The Federal heads of the two human species.

As absolutely certain it is that sin and death and condemnation come to all who are born in Adam…

It is even more absolutely certain that righteousness and indestructible life..

…come permanently and more boutifully to all who are born again into Christ.

It is the act of the representative, and not of the one represented, that brought the result to pass.

The Federal headship of Adam, and the Federal headship of Christ.

1CO 15:22
For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.

We are assured that nothing can ever rob us of our so-great salvation.

Afflictions will not destroy but instead will strengthen our sure hope (vv 2-4).

It has a sure basis in God’s love for the justified man (vv 5-11).

As man’s relationship to Adam never fails to bring death on account of his one sin, so the believer’s similar relation to Christ cannot fail to secure eternal life on account of Christ’s one righteous act at the cross (vv 12-21).

relation to Christ cannot fail to secure eternal life on account of Christ’s one righteous act at the cross (vv 12-21).

The phrase “much more” or “all the more” is repeated 5 times in this chapter. It is an expression of logical proof.

The proof is known in Latin as a fortiori. “With stronger reason.”

From the harder to the easier is an iron-clad argument.

A fortiori:
If ___A___ is true, then ___B___ is certainly true.


God’s work


Our state





A fortiori…..