Human History in Two Acts.

Rom 5:12-21; Rom 2:17-21; Rom 3:20; Rom 7:7.

WTROM-35-140518 - length: 64:06 - taught on May, 18 2014

Class Outline:

John Farley
May 18, 2014

Human History in Two Acts

Death passed to all men not because they sinned, but because Adam sinned.

Condemnation by Adam, justification by Christ.

Adam as our representative head, stood for us, and his sin became condemnation and death to us.

Christ, the other representative Man, by His act of death on the cross brings us justification and life.

The act of the representative, and not of the one represented, brought the result to pass.

What is human history according to man these days?

The history of man according to God: a drama in “two acts”!

Adam and Christ (verse ROM 5:14)

Adam’s transgression
(verses ROM 5:12, ROM 5:15, ROM 5:17, ROM 5:18, ROM 5:19)
and Christ’s death on the cross (verse ROM 5:18)

By Adam = condemnation, judgment, death (verses ROM 5:15, ROM 5:16, ROM 5:8, ROM 5:19)
By Christ: justification, grace, life (verses ROM 5:17, ROM 5:18, ROM 5:19)

Sin -reigned through death (verses ROM 5:17, ROM 5:21)
Grace - reigning through Righteousness (verse ROM 5:21)

So now we look back to the act that set us down as sinners, instead of our own sins,

and the act that sets us down as righteous, apart from our own works.