Always see yourself as God sees you.

Rom 5:12-21; Rom 2:17-21; Rom 3:20; Rom 7:7-13; Gal 3:19-26; Luk 7:46-50.

WTROM-36-140521 - length: 46:10 - taught on May, 21 2014

Class Outline:

John Farley
May 21, 2014

Always see yourself as God sees you.

The history of man according to God: a drama in “two acts”!

Adam and Christ (verse 14)

Adam’s transgression
(verses 12, 15, 17, 18, 19)
and Christ’s death on the cross (verse 18)

By Adam = condemnation, judgment, death (15,16,18, 19)
By Christ: justification, grace, life (verses 17, 18, 19)

Sin -reigned through death (verse 17, 21)
Grace - reigning through Righteousness (verse 21)

So now we look back to the act that set us down as sinners, instead of our own sins,

and the act that sets us down as righteous, apart from our own works.

Condemnation by Adam, justification by Christ.

God knew that given the same opportunity, every one of us would fail just like Adam did.

God wanted us to be safe in His love forever by Christ’s work.

So in love He judged us and condemned us in our Federal head, Adam.

In that way, He could justify us in the Person and work of the other Federal head, CHRIST!


The whole point of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that :

once you are justified by the blood of Christ you are never to see yourself as a sinner again!

For a Christian to call himself a “rotten sinner” or the like is to miss the whole point of the argument of Romans 5!

Always see yourself as GOD sees you!

“I am no longer a sinner; I have been constituted a righteous person because of the righteous act of Christ on the cross”!