The reign of sin.

Rom 5:20-21; Joh 8:34-36; Rom 6:17-18; Eph 2:1-3; 1Pe 4:3; 1Jo 2:15-17; Mat 15:18-20; Rom 1:28-32; Rom 3:9-18.

WTROM-44-140622 - length: 55:29 - taught on Jun, 22 2014

Class Outline:

John Farley
June 22, 2014

1. Publications - meeting after service today for 15 minutes

2. Member care

The reign of sin.

To begin to really appreciate how wonderful and overflowing the reign of grace really is,

you first need to come to terms with what the reign of sin was really all about.

Paul has been comparing and contrasting what happened to us in Adam and what has happened to us in Christ.

No one really appreciates how amazing grace is until he clearly sees what sin has done to him and the rest of the human race.

Too many believers stop short in both directions, and so have a stunted , shallow experience of the greatness of their salvation.

Pharisees can’t sing about the abundance of grace because they refuse to see how sin has reigned in their life.

We are not born free. That is a myth.
We are born as slaves. Slaves to sin.

Sin totally controls and dominates the unbeliever and the unbelieving world.

“Walking” refers to one’s way of life, one’s lifestyle.

How we think.
The decisions we make.

The condition of your heart.
Your attitude.

Your priorities.
Your role models.

Your goals.
Your desires.

What you glory in.

Our behavior.
What we do with our time.
The works of our lives.

How your body is used.
Where you go.
Who you see.

What you do.
What you say.
How you treat people.

What is the course of this world?

“course” in EPH 2:2
is the Greek noun aion.

"an age, a period of time," marked by spiritual or moral characteristics

Concerning the world: Its…

cares, MAT 13:22
sons, LUK 16:8; LUK 20:34
rulers, 1CO 2:6; 1CO 2:8
wisdom, 1CO 1:20; 1CO 2:6; 1CO 3:18

fashion, ROM 12:2
character, GAL 1:4
god, 2CO 4:4

What is the course of this world, the ages of this world, the character of the age?

The course of this world is corruption, deception, blindness, destruction, judgment, and death.