Teaching grace can be dangerous.

Rom 6:1-3; Gen 4:4-7; Joh 14:20; Gal 2:20; Rom 6:15-16.

WTROM-50-140716 - length: 49:27 - taught on Jul, 16 2014

Class Outline:

John Farley
July 16, 2014

Teaching grace can be dangerous!

Sin (singular) = the authority, power and principle behind man’s rebellion against God. Sin as a master.

Romans 6 teaches us that the death of Christ not only dealt with our sins; it also ended our old relationship to sin.

Sins = any thoughts, words, or deeds that are against the will of God.

Romans 3-5 : Christ died for us, for our sins.

Sins = Individual instances of disobedience to God.

Romans 6: We died with Christ to sin.

Sin is the rebellion against God.

It is often personified as a master.

The five parts to our salvation.

1. Christ’s propitiatory work toward God for us through His blood: bearing the guilt and condemnation of our sins.

2. Christ’s identification with us as connected with Adam: “our old man” being crucified with Christ.

3. The Holy Spirit’s whole work in us, beginning with regeneration.

the IN works both ways. The Holy Spirit is in us, and we are in the Spirit. Christ is in us, and we are in Christ.

4. Christ’s present work in Heaven: as our Great High Priest, and as our Advocate with the Father.

5. Christ’s second coming to redeem our bodies, and receive us to Himself in glory: The Rapture.

Romans 6 is about identification with and placement into Christ, and the implications of this fact.

Romans 6 shows us that we have been placed into and identified with the death and resurrection of Christ.

Know it
Count on it
Present yourselves