Give me a drink.

John 4:1-42; Rom 6:13; Rom 12:1-2; Php 4:4-9.

EVGSUN-2-140907 - length: 70:04 - taught on Sep, 7 2014

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John Farley
September 7, 2014

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“Christ saves ministries”

Pastor Victor

Give me a drink.

Welcome to our second
Evangelism Sunday.

Some of the greatest wisdom on the subject of evangelism is found in the Gospels (and the book of Acts).

“The Art of Personal Evangelism” by Will McRaney Jr.

Tom Stebbins: “Friendship Evangelism by the Book: Applying First Century Principles to Twenty-First Century Relationships”.

“I am overwhelmingly convinced that the gospel spreads most effectively across an existing network of trust relationships: friends, relatives, associates, neighbors.”

“Give me a drink.”

What’s your Samaria these days?

The place where you don’t want to be.

The people you don’t want to see.

It’s different every time.

No two situations are the same.

No two approaches are the same.

Get tired. Sit down by a water fountain. And when somebody shows up, ask them for a drink.

Sometimes simply talking to that one certain person can be life-changing.

How do we take what we are given in an encounter with a person …

…and press the advance toward helping them realize who Jesus really is?

He’s given water, so He makes His gospel message about water - with a twist.