What great things the Lord has done for you.

Mark 5:1-20; Rom 8:31-32; Deut 23:5; Rev 22:3-5.

EVGSUN-3-141005 - length: 57:58 - taught on Oct, 5 2014

Class Outline:

John Farley
October 5, 2014

What great things the Lord has done for you.

Welcome to our third
Evangelism Sunday.

Some of the greatest wisdom on the subject of evangelism is found in the Gospels (and the book of Acts).

“I am overwhelmingly convinced that the gospel spreads most effectively across an existing network of trust relationships: friends, relatives, associates, neighbors.”

His story is very dramatic, and the changes obvious in every way.

Every believer in Christ has undergone a radical change.


MAT 8:28-34
MAR 5:1-20
LUK 8:26-39

 ten cities=deka, ten, and polis, a city, a district on the east and south-east of the Sea of Galilee.

contained "ten cities," which were chiefly inhabited by Greeks.

The Greek inhabitants were never on good terms with the Jews; and the herd of swine indicates their contempt.

The formerly insane and demon possessed man seemed to live his life in exaggerated fashion.

He didn’t just have one demon - he had an entire legion of demons!

A Roman legion was typically made up of 5,400 soldiers!

His behavior and way of life were extreme: living among tombs, cutting himself, violent.

Jesus delivered this man completely. This was an incredible change for the better.

Finally, Jesus gave him a great commission that would have great results.

By the way….. has the Lord done any great things for you?

What are the great things the Lord has done for you?

How about every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in CHRIST?!

How about all the wonders of being in Christ?

How about…. forgiveness of sins
justification by faith
the gift of eternal life

“Go home to your people and report to them what great things the Lord has done for you,

“and how He had mercy on you.”

And he went away and began to proclaim in your territory what great things Jesus had done for him;

and everyone was amazed.

Who can you go tell about these great things the Lord has done for you?