Fourteen COLOSSAL reasons to be thankful. The book of Colossians.

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Class Outline:

John Farley
November 26, 2014

Fourteen COLOSSAL reasons to be thankful

Fourteen COLOSSAL things to be thankful for!

  1. Grace
  2. The peace of Christ
  3. God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
  4. Faith, love and hope
  5. The word of truth, the gospel
  6. The only real wealth
  7. Being strengthened with all power
  8. The inheritance of the saints
  9. Being rescued from the domain of darkness and being transferred to the kingdom of God the Father’s beloved Son!
  10. The forgiveness of our sins
  11. Christ as the head and us as His body. We are IN CHRIST -forever!
  12. Christ in you, the hope of glory
  13. God’s mystery: Christ
  14. Our being made complete in Christ

The New Testament textbook on thanksgiving

the book of Colossians

The subject of Colossians is Christ. In the BIGGEST way!

Sinning is harmless?
Wrong! That’s giving your body to the cruel master.

Colossal Christ.

Christ is presented at His most glorious: all the mind-boggling dimensions of who He really is!

A mystery is truth hidden in the past but at the proper time revealed by God in His word.


Colossal Christ.

We are thankful for Christ: for Him and for what He has done for us.

Colossians also tells us what to do with our gratitude once we find it.

  1. Compassion & Kindness
  2. Humility & Gentleness
  3. Patience
  4. Bearing with one another
  5. Forgiving each other
  6. Love
  7. The peace of Christ
  8. The word of Christ, teaching it, admonishing one another, singing
  9. Wives being subject to your husbands
  10. Husbands loving our wives
  11. Children being obedient to parents
  12. Fathers caring for the hearts of their children
  13. Prayer with an attitude of Thanksgiving
  14. Being wise and gracious with strangers and neighbors.


14 things to be thankful for

14 ways to let the gratitude overflow

1 Colossal Christ