How does God want to use your body?

Tit 2:11-14; Rom 6:12-23; 1Co 9:24-27; Php 1:18-20; 1Co 6:12-20; 1Co 7:3-5; 2Co 5:10.

WTROM-81-141130 - length: 68:32 - taught on Nov, 30 2014

Class Outline:

John Farley
November 30, 2014

How does God want to use your body?

Remain in sin?
You died to sin!

The answer is in our having died once and for all time to the reign of sin.

Surely it can’t hurt to sin once in a while?

Every time you do that you are making your body a slave to sin again.

The answer lies in the daily call to put the members of our body at God’s disposal.

ROM 6:1-14 = overall direction.
ROM 6:15-23 = individual steps. 

Our relationship with Christ

Our daily living

We have been freed from sin and enslaved to God. (verse 22)

Our physical, mortal bodies.
The members of our body.

Before you were justified, sin as your master had total control over your body.

Now, by rights, God ought to have total control over your body.

Sin personified, the source of the rebellion against God, seeks to call the shots with the members of your body.

You have a new Master: God!

Obey Him! Provide your body to be used in the service of righteousness - through Christ - to God.

There is no command to stop placing YOURSELF under the control of sin.

Sin cannot reign over YOU. That is now IMPOSSIBLE!

The issue is no longer who you belong to. That has been settled.

You have been transferred from the old master (Sin) to your new Master, God!

The issue now is how you will walk.

The battle is over how the members of your body will be used.

When it comes to presenting the members of your body as instruments to a master, …

… this is something that YOU do. You are the agent here. You decide.

There are only two choices. Two masters. There is no middle ground.

Your body is only yours to the extent that you decide which master you will put your body at the disposal of.

Your body is either at the disposal of sin or it is at the disposal of God.

You should put the members of your body at the disposal of whoever is your Master.

If a man says that he works for
Coca - Cola, …

but keeps delivering cases of Pepsi,

something is not right.

I am the slave of Christ.

I am to make my body my slave.