Those two very spiritual words - GET UP!

Eph 2:11-18; Act 10:1-46; Jer 29:12-14; Act 11:13-14; Php 2:12-13.

EVGSUN-6-150104 - length: 75:49 - taught on Jan, 4 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
January 4, 2015

Those two very spiritual words -

Welcome to our latest Evangelism Sunday.

We are now in the book of Acts to learn more about evangelism.

The events of chapter 10 will open the eyes of the apostles in Jerusalem to the fact -

- that this gospel of Jesus Christ is for the whole world - Jew AND GENTILE.

There are three main characters in Acts 10: Peter, Cornelius, and the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the real actor in the book of Acts! Acts of the Holy Spirit!

God prepares the RECEIVER of the Gospel (Cornelius).

God also prepares the MESSENGER of the Gospel (Peter).

God arranges for them to come together at the right time.

The Lord (MAT 16:17-20) commissioned Peter to unlock the doors so the church could expand.

Peter still had not yet used one key - the one that would open the church to the Gentiles.

The Jews despised the trade of tanner, because tanners handled the flesh of dead animals.

The Holy Spirit was wearing down the walls of prejudice between Peter, apostle to the Jews, and the Gentiles.

EPH 2:11-18

When a Jewish boy married a Gentile girl, the Jewish father held a funeral!

When God is ready to move to open the church up to the Gentiles, He has to go to great lengths to prepare two people.

The Gentile is Cornelius.
The Jew is Peter.

The Holy Spirit prepares the receiver, and the messenger, of the gospel, and then brings the two together.

He gives each man a vision. A special vision.

Verses 1-8 tell us how the Spirit prepared Cornelius with his vision.

Verses 9-20 tell us how the Spirit prepared Peter with his vision.

Acts is a special book…
filled with special
one-time events…

that mark each step forward in the advance to God’s full “vision” for the church.

The Spirit will prepare you and the other person before you witness to them.

ACT 10:1-4

At the time, Caesarea was the location of a military garrison.

The population was almost exclusively Gentile with only a handful of Jews.

Caesarea was located about thirty miles north of Joppa, where Peter was staying.

The Lord selected Cornelius out of all the possible Gentile candidates.

Respond with faith to the light given, and the Lord will provide more light.