Believers in Christ are no longer "in the flesh".

Rom 7:4-6, 1Co 13:4-7; Rom 13:8-10; Rom 8:8-9; Isa 40:5; Gal 2:20; Rom 7:18-20; Gal 5:16-24

WTROM-89-150111 - length: 64:43 - taught on Jan, 11 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
January 11, 2015

Believers in Christ are no longer “in the flesh”.

ROM 7:4-6

LOVE is the crown of this FRUIT, GAL 5:22-23; John 15.

This love is a giving love, not a taking love. 2CO 5:14-15, 1JO 3:16-18. 1JO 4:7-17.

The picture on the puzzle box of our lives in the Spirit is the Risen Christ. ROM 8:35-39.

The Holy Spirit freely pours this love of God into our hearts. He produces it, we don’t. ROM 5:5.

1CO 13:4-7

This love is all these things, because Christ is all these things.

GAL 5:13-15

ROM 13:8-10

Fruit is seed with a body.

LOVE gives.

Peace reconciles and forgives.

Patience endures all things, and puts up with imperfection and hostility.

Gentleness shows up in the hands.

These inner qualities become outer actions.

ROM 7:5-6

verses 5 and 6 are the closing statement concerning the Law for believers in Christ.

Verse 5 states the negative.
Verse 6 states the positive.

Verse 5 sets the stage for the rest of chapter 7, from verse 7 through verse 25.

Verse 6 sets the stage for chapter 8 of the book of Romans.

Verse 5 captures the gist of the whole struggle that Paul describes in the latter part of this chapter.

“In the flesh” - the condition and realm of the unsaved, the unbeliever.

Verse 5 - when we were unbelievers
Verse 6 - but now we are believers

ROM 8:8-9

“in the flesh” - This is talking about the UNBELIEVER.

The Spirit indwells every Christian, so every believer is not in the flesh but is in the Spirit.