Biblical Financial Study

What the Bible Says About Money

SPEC-34-150201 - length: 62:13 - taught on Feb, 1 2015

Class Outline:

Biblical Financial Study

What the Bible says about money


God has many blessings for believers in this world.

They are different for different people

sometimes include wealth

a great job or career

A loving family

Health and vitality

and sometimes just peace and contentment

Larry Burkette

“How to manage your money, a biblical perspective”

Burkett was the founder of Crown Financial Ministries

Another resource biblically based

God instructs us how to handle wealth

1TI 6:17-19

PRO 10:22

MAT 6:19-21

Wealth is neither moral, nor immoral. God opposes the preoccupation or misuse of wealth, not the wealth itself.

PRO 3:9-17

PRO 21:20

Wisdom is required to use wealth properly

PRO 22:4


Respect for the Lord and humility are the basis for learning and understanding God’s principles thereby gaining wisdom

PRO 3:5-8


However love of money is condemned and causes many distractions in life.

1TI 6:10

Wealth and the seeking of wealth can distract believers from seeking and following God’s plan and purpose for their life.

MAT 19:23-26


We must acknowledge God's ownership of wealth

PSA 24:1

And we are to manage it well and use our wisdom and abilities.

GAL 6:9

We are commanded to help those less fortunate than us

GAL 6:9, Deut 15:11

In MAT 25:34-45 Jesus is telling the people that loving one another is the same as loving Him

Jesus warns against greed in
1JO 3:17, PRO 28:27
LUK 12:15 and tells the parable of the rich man

We are commanded to support our families

1TI 5:8, MAT 15:5-6

What does this mean? … a man has a responsibility to work and earn money to support his household and assist family members such as elderly poor parents or legitimately needy sisters, brothers, etc.

What about our own needs?

In MAT 6:32-33 Jesus tells us that we should trust in Him for those needs.

PHI 4:19 And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

What about credit and borrowing?

The Bible does not prohibit borrowing or lending but warns of possible problems with either. Our Christian integrity and witness obligates us to repay what we owe.

God does not want us to be in bondage to debt

PRO 22:7


Our attitude toward wealth should be thankful for what we have through God’s grace and content in our position in His Plan.

PRO 13:7-9, PHI 4:11, 1TI 6:8

HEB 13:5

PSA 37:23-25

God does not condemn wealth, he condemns misuse of wealth.

Overdue bills, abuse of credit

Worry about investments

Get rich quick attitude





Other considerations

Wasting money so that family needs go unmet 1TI 5:8

Overcommitment PSA 127:2, PSA 23:4-5

Self indulgence LUK 4:18

Assumed superiority 1TI 6:17

Financial resentment COL 2:8, PSA 73:2-3

Steps to financial freedom

Transfer ownership to God

Get out of debt PRO 15:16

Accept Gods provision MAT 6:31

Refuse quick decisions PRO 21:5

Excel in work 1PE 4:11, COL 3:23, PRO 12:11, 1CO 9:24

Put others first PHI 2:3-5
Have a financial plan
As Christians we depend on God but that does NOT mean we are to sit home and wait for him to provide
PRO 27:23-24; PRO 24:3-4
Make a budget LUK 14:28
Give God’s portion PRO 3:9-10

PRO 3:13-14

Seek good Christian counsel; don’t let pride get in the way. PRO 19:20

Discuss the problems/issues with your spouse. EPH 5:1

Establish long range goals. 1TI 6:18-19

Recognize the difference between needs, wants, and desires.
1TI 6:6-11

And always remember………

God’s grace has got your back

Render unto Caesar
It is against God’s will to cheat on your taxes.
Take every legal deduction but don’t lie or withhold income.

ROM 13:6-7 PRO 16:2-3

Some motives for wealth accumulation

Advice of others PRO 14:15

Envy of others PSA 73:2-3

Game of accumulation PRO 22:1

Self esteem / pride PRO 16:18

Love of money/greed 1TI 6:10

Fear of loss, lack of trust in God
LUK 12:15-21

For spiritual gift of giving LUK 6:38

Your plans should be consistent with Gods purpose for your life.
PRO 3:5-6

Husbands and wives should face financial decisions together.
ECC 4:9-10 EPH 5:31

In summary we should remember these points

1. God wants us to acknowledge that He owns everything. PSA 24:1

2. God wants us to support our families. 1TI 5:8

3.God wants us to help those less fortunate who are deserving. GAL 6:9

4.God wants us to be free of excess debt and avoid schemes. ROM 13:8

5. God wants us to save and conserve His resources PRO 6:6-8

6. God wants us to work diligently in our jobs and everything we do but not to overwork so there is no time for His purpose 1PE 4:11, COL 3:23, 1CO 9:24, PRO 12:11

7. God wants us to pay our taxes and debts. ROM 13:6-7

8. God wants us to support the Church, missions and evangelism. PRO 3:9-10, 2CO 9:7-14, 1TI 5:17-18

9. God wants husbands and wives to work together on this. EPH 5:31

10. God wants us to be at peace and content with what we are given and trust in Him and His grace. PHI 4:11-12

And most importantly remember…
PRO 16:3 Commit your works to the
LORD And your plans will be established.
ROM 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.