A terrible blow that brought Paul low.

Rom 7:7-12; Mat 22:34-40; Luk 6:14-15; Mat 19:16-26; Exo 20:18-21; Rom 3:19-20.

WTROM-96-150208 - length: 62:26 - taught on Feb, 8 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
February 8, 2015

A terrible blow
that brought Paul low

ROM 7:7-12

The Law is from God, it is good, but because we have evil in us, we cannot keep it.

This coveting or elicit desire is at the heart of, is the source for, disobeying all of the other commandments.

MAT 15:19 “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders.

The Pharisees thought of sin only in terms of external actions.

He would never have realized that these desires and evil thoughts are sin, until the Law enlightened him about it.

MAT 22:34-40

The Law, Christ says, is spiritual. It is concerned with a man’s heart and his attitude toward God and toward others.

God sees the heart, and God tests the heart.

LUK 16:14-15

This is how the Lord pierced the heart of the rich young man.

MAT 19:16-26

This question of lusting convicted Paul to see the true nature of sin.

It woke him up to see his need for Christ to deliver him from what he was in the flesh.

ROM 7:8-11

Sin is personified. It is an active, powerful agent .

EXO 20:18-21

Paul knew what the book of Deuteronomy taught.

Obey and live.
Disobey - and die.

For justification, the law brought in the knowledge of sin.

ROM 3:19-20

Romans 7 brings something new: Law and sin in the matter of sanctification.

Now the Law will serve to demonstrate the exceeding sinfulness and incurable wickedness of sin in the flesh.

Now the Law will demonstrate the incurable wickedness of sin in our flesh.

ROM 7:8-11

Sin in his body was roused and a new battle was on.