Sin defeats the will.

Rom 7:8-11

WTROM-97-150211 - length: 39:20 - taught on Feb, 11 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
February 11, 2015

Sin defeats the will

ROM 7:8-11

Sin in his body was roused and a new battle was on.



aphorme (af-or-may');
a starting-point

aphorme was used to denote "a base of operations in war."

The power to prevail against sin in the flesh does not reside in the human will.


Human strength is not God’s way to overcome indwelling sin.

That power resides always and only in the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Sin defeats our will. Sin defeats our mind. As soon as WE have a mind and a will to go defeat it.

The death of realizing you have a body of sin that can kill your wishes to follow the Law any time it wants to.

Sin has the ultimate killer instinct.

Sin waits until we know something is sinful before really turning on the temptations to get us to sin in that area.

He was making the point that many different religions tell us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

But all but one lack the crucial thing.

the ABILITY, the POWER to consistently DO the GOOD THINGS!

“Run, John, run
The law commands
But gives me neither feet nor hands

Tis better news the Gospel brings
It bids me fly
It gives me wings”