Hearts get weary from appeals to the will.

Rom 7:13-25; Php 3:3-11; Php 2:12-13; Rom 1:15-17; 1Co 1:18; Psa 121.

WTROM-99-150218 - length: 54:22 - taught on Feb, 18 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
February 18, 2015

Hearts get weary from appeals to the will

ROM 7:13-25


Simply believing this means we avoid the struggle of Romans 7.

In verses 7-25, Paul is a believer, but still thinks of himself as under the Law.

It is the death to all hopes in himself, in his flesh.

PHI 3:3-11

So we lose all our confidence in our flesh…

So that we can gain the surpassing value of coming to know Christ Jesus our Lord!

ROM 7:22-25

The struggle is between my mind and my flesh.

Verses 14 through 17 describe doing things that we hate - things that we don’t want to do.

Verses 18 through 21 describe not being able to do the good things we want to do.

This is the experience of a man who is born again but does not realize yet that …

a. Indwelling sin is in the members of his body.

b. He died to sin.

c. He died to the Law that gives sin its power.

d. The Holy Spirit indwells him and is the only way that sin gets defeated.

ROM 7:14-17

This separation between the me who wants to do God’s will, …
and this unwelcome evil presence inside -

sets the stage for the Holy Spirit to take up His battle against the flesh and His work of renewing my mind.

ROM 7:18-20

1. There is no good thing in any of us, - in “our flesh”.
2. I can will, but I cannot do.

We are dependent on the Holy Spirit for our only spiritual power,
just as on Christ as our only righteousness!

They first need to be brought to understand the truths
of Romans 1-8!

Our hearts are weary with appeals to man’s will.

It is GOD who is at work IN US both to will and to work for His good pleasure!!

PHI 2:12-13