Complete the circuit!

Rom 8:1-2; Mat 6:26-30; Eph 1:18-23; Eph 3:14-21; 1Ti 6:6-19; 1Jo 3:14-18; Gal 6:8-10; Mat 5:14-16; Rom 12:9-16; Php 4:8.

WTROM-111-150408 - length: 51:29 - taught on Apr, 8 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
April 8, 2015

Complete the circuit.

ROM 8:1-2

verse 2 is a new revelation that gives the reason why there is no condemnation for us who are in Christ Jesus.

The Law of the Spirit of the Life in Christ Jesus

The Greek noun for law is nomos


Often in the New Testament it refers to the Mosaic Law.

A given principle acting uniformly.

It can also mean a rule of action - a force or influence impelling to action.

It can refer to a type of abstract governing power.

The governing power that prevails uniformly in a given sphere.

The governing power of the Spirit of the Life in Christ Jesus …

set us free [aorist active indicative] from the governing power of the sin and death.

The sphere is IN CHRIST JESUS.

The agent is the Spirit.

The governing power is the Risen Life of Christ.

MAT 6:26-30

How do birds fly?

The law of life that God gave the bird is victorious over the law of gravity, over and over and over again.

that new law is STRONGER!

The power of the resurrection life of Christ is the greatest power in the universe!

That law of life enables these living creatures , quite spontaneously and consistently, to overcome the law of gravity.

So it is with every new creature in Christ.

There is a new law that enables us spontaneously and consistently to overcome the old law - sin and death.

The Law of the Spirit of the Life in Christ Jesus

EPH 1:18-23
EPH 3:14-21

Why aren’t I experiencing this life?

Why don’t I feel this power working in my life?

How can I take hold of this life which is life indeed?

How can I know that I have passed out of death and into life more abundant?

The most practical answer is found in how you use your wealth - extra money.

1TI 6:6-19

1JO 3:14-18

The general answer is loving the brethren and being rich in good deeds.

The best way to have that life flow through you is to love our brothers and sisters in deed and in truth.

The way to experience the power of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus is to be rich in good deeds, helping others.

Especially those who are of the household of the faith -fellow saints, fellow believers.

GAL 6:8-10