What can I do to help?

Rom 8:1-2; Luk 24:1-8; Joh 5:24; Rom 5:21; 1Jo 3:14-18; Gal 6:8-10; Mat 5:14-16; Rom 12:9-16; Php 4:8; Php 2:3-5.

WTROM-114-150422 - length: 48:00 - taught on Apr, 22 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
April 22, 2015

What can I do to help?

ROM 8:1-2

Pure, perfect, complete LIFE!

LUK 24:1-8

“Why do you seek the living One among the dead?”

Life and death are absolute opposites, and where one is the other cannot be.

We as believers IN CHRIST are in the Living One!

We have passed from death to life. Cling to this fact.

JOH 5:24

Where life reigns, death cannot.

ROM 5:21

Learn to rejoice often in the life you are in forever!

The RESURRECTION LIFE IN CHRIST met death in all its forms
and TRIUMPHED over it.

The Spirit is the administrator of this life for you, -

as your helper, guide, your deliverer, as your prayer warrior, as your reviver.

Why aren’t I experiencing this life?

Why don’t I feel this power working in my life?

How can I take hold of this life which is life indeed?

How can I know that I have passed out of death and into life more abundant?

1JO 3:14-18

The big answer is loving the brethren and being rich in good deeds.

The best way to have that life flow through you is to love our brothers and sisters in deed and in truth.

The way to experience the power of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus is to be rich in good deeds, helping others.

Especially those who are of the household of the faith -fellow saints, fellow believers.

GAL 6:8-10

The current only flows when the power source gets connected to a light bulb.

That completes the circuit and lights the light.

The light bulb NEEDS the potential that the battery HAS.

We have the power source right inside.

the power of the Spirit of the LIFE in Christ Jesus!

We experience the power at work when we serve others.

MAT 5:14-16

ROM 12:9-16