Present your bodies a living sacrifice

Rom 5:21; 1Jo 3:14-18; Rom 12:1-16; Heb 10:23-25; Mat 4:4; Mat 6:24-34; Php 4:8; Php 2:3-5; Gal 5:13-14.

WTROM-115-150426 - length: 67:49 - taught on Apr, 26 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
April 26, 2015

Grace Prison Ministries

Grace Prison Ministries works to change the lives of prisoners through evangelism and sound Bible teaching.

What can we do to help?

1. Pray

2. Give

3. Start a ministry at a local prison or jail

Present your bodies a living sacrifice

Where life reigns, death cannot.

ROM 5:21

The Spirit is the administrator of this life for you, -

as your helper, guide, your deliverer, as your prayer warrior, as your reviver.

1JO 3:14-18

ROM 12:1-2

Am I presenting my body in a sacrificial way to serve other members of the body?

HEB 10:23-25

The reason I can’t be here for a Bible study during the week is ___________________.

MAT 4:4

MAT 6:24-34

ROM 12:3-8

1. Financial backing to get our radio show back
2. Leader for the Member Care team
3. Usher

4. Singers
5. Leader for Missions/Evangelism
6. Givers
7. Inviters

8. Visitation (sick, homebound, prison)
9. A person to do the CDs for Shut-ins ministry

This is a life of giving and receiving.

ROM 12:9-16

Jesus gave his body as a sacrifice unto death (Rom 3-8) so that we can present our bodies a LIVING sacrifice (Rom 12-15).

Make the connection between what it means to be in Christ and how we are called to live.