Suffering with Christ is not for nothing.

Rom 8:14-17 1Jo 3:1-3; Joh 1:12-13, Eph 2:18-22; Psa 23; Rom 8:16-25; 1Co 12:26-27; Php 1:27-30

WTROM-129-150701 - length: 48:35 - taught on Jul, 1 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
July 1, 2015

Suffering with Christ is not for nothing.

ROM 8:14-17

1JO 3:1-3

JOH 1:12-13

We are born of God. We are members of God’s household.
We belong.

We’re family!

EPH 2:18-22

Psa 23

“There is nothing that moves a loving father's soul quite like his child's cry.”


ROM 8:16-25

What is suffering?

Suffering hurts. Suffering is painful. To suffer is to experience pain.

Suffering is having what you don’t want, or not having what you do want.

ROM 8:17 is talking about suffering WITH CHRIST.


to experience pain jointly or of the same kind

to have the same thing happen to one, to suffer with, suffer the same thing as.

1CO 12:26-27

PHI 1:27-30

God has graciously ordained that we suffer for Christ’s sake.
It will happen.

ROM 8:16-17

Suffering with Christ is not for nothing.