The purpose of our suffering with Christ.

Rom 8:16-17; 1Co 12:26-27; Php 1:27-30 ; 1Pe 4:1-2; 2:19-23; 3:1-2,8-18; 1Co 7:12-16; 1Co 4:11-13

WTROM-131-150708 - length: 48:43 - taught on Jul, 8 2015

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John Farley
July 8, 2015

The purpose of our suffering with Christ.

ROM 8:16-17

Suffering hurts. Suffering is painful. To suffer is to experience pain.

Suffering is having what you don’t want, or not having what you do want.

ROM 8:17 is talking about suffering WITH CHRIST.


to experience pain jointly or of the same kind

1CO 12:26-27

“Suffering with” is not a voluntary matter.

It is necessitated by the relationship that exists between Christ and His body.

the daily anxieties, tensions, and persecutions that are the lot of those who belong to Christ. (JOH 15:20)

PHI 1:27-30

God has graciously ordained that we will suffer for Christ’s sake.

2TI 3:12 Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

How do we handle the suffering that we undergo for the sake of Christ?

1 Peter tells us what to do when we share the sufferings of Christ.

Being slandered by unbelievers you come in contact with, including former friends (2:11-12; 4:3-4)

The ignorance of foolish men (2:13-15)

Unreasonable bosses (2:18)

Unbelieving husbands (3:1)

How do we handle these things?

Arm yourself with the same purpose that Christ armed Himself with when He was suffering for us.

1PE 4:1-2

In 1 Peter, the setting is suffering for the cause of Christ, but …

the commands are to display the qualities of Christ:

love, obedience, patient endurance, kindness, humility, self-control.

1PE 2:21-23

In so doing, our purpose lines up with the purpose Christ had in suffering for us.


The redemption of the very people who are slandering and persecuting us!

Keep your behavior excellent, abstaining from fleshly lusts (2:11-12)

Submit to every authority in your life (2:13-19, 3:1-2)

1PE 2:19-20

Notice the purpose behind a wife submitting to her unbelieving husband!

1PE 3:1-2

1CO 7:12-16

When you suffer abuse and do not retaliate, you may open a door in the hearts of unbelievers to hear you out.