Why we suffer as Christians, part 5

1Pe 4:15-16; Rom 8:16-17; 2Ti 2:8-10; Phi 1:12-14; 2Co 1:3-7; 1Co 12:26; 1Jo 3:16; 2Co 4:7-15; Col 1:24.

WTROM-137-150812 - length: 48:29 - taught on Aug, 12 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
August 12, 2015

Why we suffer
as Christians, part 5.

1PE 4:15-16

ROM 8:16-17

Why we suffer as Christians

First, we suffer for our own sake:

a. That we may learn who God is, PSA 46:1, the book of Job

b. Suffering for learning/training, HEB 12:4-11.

c. Suffering so that we would no longer trust in ourselves, but only in God (2CO 1:3-11)

d. Suffering for character development (ROM 5:1-5)

e. suffering that our faith may be tested and refined (JAM 1:2-4, 1PE 1:7)

f. Suffering to qualify us for the kingdom of God (2TH 1:4-5)

g. Suffering in weakness that the power of Christ might dwell in us,
2CO 12:9-10

h. Suffering in pruning, so we might bear more fruit,
JOH 15:2

i. suffering to produce joy and generosity in us, 2CO 8:2

j. Suffering so that we might be matured and strengthened and established, 1PE 5:9-11

Second, we suffer for the sake of others, especially God’s people:

a. Suffering that others may obtain salvation, 2TI 2:8-10

b. Suffering to give others courage,
PHI 1:12-14

c. Suffering so that others may be comforted,
2CO 1:3-7

d. Suffering in compassion for, and solidarity, with others, 1CO 12:26