Why we suffer as Christians, part 7.

2Co 4:7-18; Col 1:24; Php 1:29-30; 3:7-11; Heb 13:12-14; 1Pe 4:12-16; Rom 8:16-18; Heb 4:15-16.

WTROM-139-150819 - length: 53:45 - taught on Aug, 19 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
August 19, 2015

Why we suffer
as Christians, part 7.

Why we suffer as Christians

First, we suffer for our own sake:

Second, we suffer for the sake of others, especially God’s people:

a. Suffering that others may obtain salvation, 2TI 2:8-10

b. Suffering to give others courage,
PHI 1:12-14

c. Suffering so that others may be comforted,
2CO 1:3-7

d. Suffering in compassion for, and solidarity, with others, 1CO 12:26

e. Suffering in the form of giving sacrificially out of love - this includes forgiving.

f. Suffering that, because of death working in us, life may work in others,
2CO 4:7-12

g. Suffering so that grace may extend to more and more people, 2CO 4:15

Third, we suffer for the sake of Christ.

COL 1:24

a. Suffering to get closer to Jesus, share in His sufferings

The lacking is on Paul’s side = the suffering with Christ that remains for him to endure in order to complete His mission.

PHI 1:29-30
PHI 3:7-11
2TI 1:6-14

HEB 13:12-14
1PE 4:12-16

b. Suffering that we may share Christ’s glory.

ROM 8:16-18
2CO 4:16-18
2TH 1:3-5
2TI 1:8

We bring it to Jesus and trust what He will do with it to transform it into something good.