The freedom of the glory of the children of God.

Rom 8:18-25; Col 3:1-4; 1Th 4:16-18; Gen 3:17-19; Php 3:20-21; Isa 11:6-9; 35:1-10 .

WTROM-145-150909 - length: 31:27 - taught on Sep, 9 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
September 9, 2015

The freedom of the glory of the children of God

ROM 8:18-25

We are sons of God now and Christ is in us NOW, and He is the hope of glory!

COL 3:1-4

Our bodies will be transformed and made like Christ’s at the Rapture, but that happens in the clouds.

1TH 4:16-18

We will be revealed to earth at the Second Advent, when Christ is also revealed in all His glory as her Ruler.

Now, creation is neither in its original condition nor in its final condition.

GEN 3:17-19

In the millennium, the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ will have its full manifestation.

When our Lord Jesus Christ returns to rule the earth, He sets in motion the undoing of Genesis 3:17-19.

PHI 3:20-21

Just as the grave could not contain Him, so too no longer will we ever have a vile body that is subject to corruption.

All of creation will be redeemed when Christ appears on earth again with the sons and daughters of God!

ISA 11:6-9

ISA 35:1-10

God promises that earth will not end in annihilation, but will have an everlasting transformation.

ISA 65:17-25

AMO 9:13-15

REV 21:1-8