What is saving faith? Part 7.

Jam 1:2-4; John 16:8-11; 1:29; 8:21-24; Rom 4:5-8; Mat 5:3-6; Isa 55:6-7;Rom 2:4; 2Ti 2:24-26; Jer 8:3-7; 26:1-3.

PRCHR-10-151018 - length: 64:29 - taught on Oct, 18 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
October 18, 2015

Practical Christianity:
What is saving faith? Part 7.



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JAM 1:1-4

What is real, Biblical faith? What is Christian faith?

We are saved by grace through faith and this package is the gift of God.

First, the natural man, the unbeliever, cannot understand the things of the Spirit of God.

No one is able to believe in Christ as their Savior apart from the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit convicts the unbeliever of his need for the Savior.

No unbeliever will turn to Christ as Savior without the help of the Holy Spirit.

The convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit to the unbeliever

JOH 16:8-11

sin, righteousness, and judgment.

“sin” here is all-encompassing and includes (1) the rebellion against God,

(2) the presence of indwelling sin in the members of our body, (3) and personal sins we commit.

JOH 1:29
JOH 8:21-24

ROM 4:5-8

MAT 5:3-6

JOH 6:35
Jesus said to them, " I am the bread of life;

“he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst”.

The natural man cannot produce these qualities.

JOH 16:8-11

Current situation: sin

Desired situation: righteousness

Cost of no change: judgment

Obstacle: unbelief

Solution: believing in the Lord Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit is working to bring about repentance in the heart of the unbeliever.