What is saving faith? Part 12.

Jam 1:2-4; Act 8:26-37; 10:34-44; 1Co 1:18-2:5; 2Co 4:3-6; 1Pe 1:10-12; Rom 10:8-17; 1Co 15:1-11; Eph 1:13.

PRCHR-15-151104 - length: 48:09 - taught on Nov, 4 2015

Class Outline:

John Farley
November 4, 2015

Practical Christianity:
What is saving faith? Part 12.

JAM 1:2-4

Salvation repentance is a fundamental turning in the hearts of men away from sin and towards God.

With regard to the conversion of a man, repentance and faith appear together.

MAR 1:14-15
ACT 11:15-18
ACT 20:18-21

Repentance leads to faith in Christ in response to hearing the gospel.

The Holy Spirit convicts the unbeliever of his need for the Savior.

God grants repentance in the heart as a response to the conviction of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit enables the man to recognize Christ as his one and only Savior and Lord through the preaching of the gospel.

ACT 8:26-37
ACT 10:34-44

1CO 1:18-2:5
2CO 4:3-6

The messenger preaches the gospel by the Holy Spirit.

1PE 1:10-12