The pure in heart, part 2.

Mat 5:8; Jam 4:7-8; Rom 7:14-1:15; Jam 1:1-4; 2Co 4:16-18; Rom 5:1-5.

PRCHR-21-151129 - length: 60:12 - taught on Nov, 29 2015

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John Farley
November 29, 2015

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Practical Christianity:
The pure in heart, part 2

What is the heartbeat of the letter of James?

MAT 5:8
“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”.

“stop compromising with worldly values and give themselves wholly to the Lord”. (Moo)

What does it mean to be pure?

Pure as the driven snow.
Pure gold.

Pure sparkling water.

Having a homogeneous or uniform composition; not mixed: pure oxygen.

being thus and no other

Free of dirt, pollutants, infectious agents, or other unwanted elements: pure water.

free from moral fault or guilt

Complete; utter

“free from impure admixture, without blemish, spotless”.

Pure means 100% something.
That and no other.
No mixture. Complete.

For the pure in heart, how they live matches what they claim to believe.

There is absolutely no inconsistency between Paul and James on anything.

James brings up things about our lives where we still have a mixture of the good and the bad.

We believe but we also doubt.

We use our tongue to bless but we also use it to curse.

We hear the word , but we don’t always do what the word says.

Some days we are the friend of God but other days we are the friend of the world.

JAM 4:7-8