All honey, and no sting.

Pro 6:9-11; 14:12-13; 19:9; 28:13-14; 1Co 1:18-31; Col 3:9-11; 2:1-3; Pro 24:13-14; 1Co 15:51-58; 1Jo 4:15-19

PRCHR-34-160120 - length: 47:51 - taught on Jan, 20 2016

Class Outline:

John Farley
January 20, 2016

Practical Christianity:

All honey, and no sting

There are parts of God’s word, the Bible, that can be very discouraging -
if taken by themselves.

PRO 6:9-11
PRO 14:12-13

PRO 19:9
PRO 28:13-14

Bad things are said to happen to the fool. And everybody plays the fool.

The way to be encouraged by the word of God is to rest in what Christ did for us.

What Christ did for us by dying on the cross and rising from the dead.

God did something about the foolishness in man once and for all at the cross.

Our fool - the old man of ours - was crucified with Christ!
ROM 6:1-11

He saved us through a message that seemed foolish - to the fool!

1CO 1:18-25

As believers in Christ, we find our wisdom in Christ.

1CO 1:26-31

COL 3:9-11

Christ, in whom are hidden all of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

And you are in Christ forever once you believe in Him.

COL 2:1-3

The moment that
we believed in Christ, we died with Him and were raised with Him.

And so, for us Christians ,this wisdom, these proverbs become a most SWEET thing.

Honey liberated from the sting of the bee.

PRO 24:13-14

Proverbs says that wisdom is like honey.

Until Jesus came
and died
and rose again!

And the curse was lifted.
And death
lost its sting.

1CO 15:51-58

When Proverbs first came on the scene, it was during the age of the Law.

Christ’s victory on the cross took the sting out of the books of the Law period for us.

No more curse
(GAL 3:13-14)

No more enmity
(EPH 2:13-22)

No more hostile certificate of debt
(COL 2:14)
No more penalty
(ISA 53:5)

No more bondage
(HEB 2:14-15)
No more fear (1JO 4:18)
No more condemnation (ROM 8:1)

We are the people of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that means VICTORY over sin and death!

Wisdom was always honey but it used to be in the beehive that was surrounded by stinging bees -

stinging bees - the law, sin, and death (the wages of sin, enforced by the law).

But ever since Christ died on the cross and rose again, these bees have lost their sting.