God gave us a precious gift in the family.

Gen 1:26-28; 2:18-25; 6:5-7,17-18; 12:1-3; Exo 3:4-6; 20:1-17; Heb 1:1-14; 2:9-18; Eph 2:13-22.

PRCHR-36-160127 - length: 51:21 - taught on Jan, 27 2016

Class Outline:

John Farley
January 27, 2016

Practical Christianity:

The family is
a precious gift
from God

The family

All of us could use more wisdom when it comes to family life these days.

The great Old Testament book of practical wisdom was written by a father to his sons, PRO 4:1-5.

The father and the mother are shown as vital to the well-being of the youth, PRO 6:20-21.

Why young men are warned to reserve their sexual activity for their one and only wife, PRO 5:15-23.

Why the Lord tells the Christian husband not to divorce his wife, 1CO 7:10-11.

The Lord gave the human race a precious gift when He gave us the institution of the family.

It is a gift that was given to the human race before the human race fell.

GEN 1:26-28
GEN 2:18-25

What a precious gift God gave us in the family.

GEN 6:5-7

The Lord preserved the human race by using one family.

GEN 6:17-18

What a precious gift God gave us when He gave us the family.

GEN 12:1-3

And this time the Lord would be miraculous in the way He built this family.

And from that point on the Lord God would go by the name of a human family:

a grandfather, a father, and a son.

EXO 3:4-6

EXO 20:1-17

And three of these Ten Commandments from the Lord addressed family life.

God would use the family to preserve the line that would one day bring forth God’s own Son.

And when it was time for the Messiah to be born, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus formed a family.

God in the book of Hebrews puts our entire salvation in terms of the family.

HEB 1:1-14

The human is patterned after the relationships that exist within the Trinity.

HEB 2:9-18

When the redeemed are reconciled to the Father, we are adopted as His children!