It's simple: fix our eyes on Jesus.

Jam 1:1-12; Luk 9:23; Heb 12:1-13; Psa 23; 1Pe 5:6-11; Exo 14:13-14; Isa 49:14-16; 2Co 4:7-18; Luk 8:15.

PRCHR-66-160828 - length: 61:02 - taught on Aug, 28 2016

Class Outline:

John Farley
August 28, 2016

Practical Christianity:
It’s simple: just keep fixing our eyes on Jesus!

JAM 1:1-4, JAM 1:12

The Lord asks us to remain in that trench.

To endure, even when we are so weak we can hardly stand.

The Lord wants ous to learn to depend on Him to take care of us in the trenches.

The more pressure, the more phenomenal the promises.

LUK 9:23

When we are in adversity, if we concentrate on ourselves we won’t be able to endure.

Denying ourselves means not listening to the complaints, fears, doubts and despairing of the flesh inside us.

We need to learn to accept the situation, and keep our eyes on Jesus!

HEB 12:1-13

So discipline is for the purpose of character development.

Sharing holiness is best understood as the coming forth of the fruit of the Spirit:

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control.

The character that the Lord develops in is His character, His virtues.

God’s discipline is spoken of as training in this character pattern of the fruit of the Spirit.

Psa 23